Top 3 Smart Lock Products of 2014

What if you could monitor your front door and let your friends in even being away from home? It may sound like science fiction but these are some of the features you can expect from the new age smart locks. These locks just goes to show how far we have come since we first started locking our doors using wooden planks. The only down side is their more expensive price tag and it’s dependency on a working smartphone. However, if you have a durable smartphone with a good battery life and have a few hundred dollars to spare these gadgets can make your life a whole lot easier.These locks are every bit as secure as the traditional key based locks but are loaded with smart features that aims to make your life more convenient. To determine which ones are smartest of them all, here’s a list of top 3 smart lock products of 2014.

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Lockitron: Lockitron locks are known for their simplicity. It just fits over your old deadlock, which means you can save yourself the trouble of changing the entire lock. Installation takes just seconds as it snaps on to position and doesn’t require drilling or any tools whatsoever. Being a Lockitron customer you get access to their web app. This let’s you lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet. The Lockitron smart lock has a built in WiFi and is compatible with all smartphones. It also has a neat keyless entry feature that detects your phone using bluetooth and unlocks the door whenever you are near. At $179, the Lockitron smart lock is decently priced and has all the basic features.

Goji: Claiming to be one of the most advance locking systems in the planet, Goji comes loads of innovative features. It has all the basic features such as keyless entry and locking and unlocking over the internet. Apart from these it also lets you set specific dates and time when you want the doors to be automatically unlocked. This means you can schedule access to housekeepers, babysitters, and visitors at pre-specified time and date using their mobile app. The Goji lock also has a camera which takes pictures of the people near your door and sends you real time alerts. Using this feature you can check who is at your front door and let them in from your office or any remote location. You can also grant access to people by giving them programmed bluetooth fobs. These fobs are small and are easy to carry around and can be given to kids who don’t have access to smartphones. The Goji lock records all locking and unlocking activities which can be reviewed later if needed.

Schlage: Schlage is an old school lock manufacturer who has launched a product to gain entry to the smart lock market. Their rich history in lock manufacturing does play a vital role in ensuring quality of their product. The lock features a keypad which lets you enter the home by inputting a 4 digit access code. Apart from the traditional keypad entry the lock also features remote management through their web app which can be accessed using any smartphone. This is a great lock if you are looking for something that has more than one locking and unlocking mechanism. The downside however is that you have to pay $9 every month for the smartphone access feature.